Fractal Gallery 2

Clicking on the title displays the artwork.  The fractal images in this gallery are in modern art style.


1.  Global Warming

 Not taking sides, just making art... :-)

2.  Lady Godiva

 She has her hair done up in a bun.  From the technical point of view, this fractal is an example of chaos in fluid dynamics. 

3.  Evolution vs. Creationism

Just having fun... :-)  There's a surprising amount of arguing on the Internet about this issue.

4.  Surfing

Believe it or not, this is what the cross section of a wave looks like, artistically speaking.

5.  Narcissus

Must've been quite something, according to legend.  I really like mythology.  It seems to me to have found its place - no longer having the status of a credible religion, yet not forgotten either. 

6.  Civilisation

Or should I spell that with a "z"?

7.  Shoehorned

If the shoe fits...   

8.  Silo

A little Rothko in your life? Maybe a bit busier than he would have liked.

9.  Wet Nurse

Holding and scolding a kid or two.  

10.  Alphanumeric Rhubarb of Despair

733t sp333k.

11.  Pragmatic Manifesto of Pearblossom Elegance

Um yeah.  It was either that or, "Giraffe Desiring the Artist"...

12.  Window Dressing

 Fractal is window dressing for Art.   Or is it, Art, that window dresses  Fractal?

13.  August Moon

 In the evening by the moonlight excavating for a mine,  'scuse me while I kiss the sky.

14.  Barrens

Gloom and misery everywhere, stormy weather. 

15.  Playing the Blues

"You're supposed to play the blues, not live the blues!"

16.  Lavendar Hills

Let's go out and paint the town.

17.  Hornet Attack


18.  Control Panel

Set the controls for the heart of the sun, Pinky. 

19.  Things we should leave alone  

So I won't make a comment.  Yes yes, I know...