Fractal Gallery 1

Clicking on the title displays the artwork.  A mini gallery this time. 

"It doesn't matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said." - Jackson Pollock

1.  Discomfort Zone

 Inspired by the Berlin Wall.    The west's side of it was covered with interesting graffiti, art almost.  Although the east probably didn't consider the wall to be a work of art.  They had an escape museum containing artifacts from failed escape attempts.  People were very ingenious.  All the attempts were variations on three fundamental themes - over, through, under.  

2.  Eye of the Beholder 

Where beauty resides.  This work is a 3D fractal ray trace. The colour patterns are reminiscent of oil pastels.

3.  Gretna Green 

Gretna Green is the traditional place where people elope to get married.  I was hearing there's provision now for same-gender ceremonies, though I don't know if they have legal validity. 

4.  Millionth Ice Cream Cone

One can tire of ice cream but never of fractal art! 

5.  Primordial Soup 

Where life originated, according to theory.