Erwin - Tecumseh To Tulsa

Tulsa, OK 1918 (click on image for zoom view in new page)

TIMELINE - Events around the world and in Tulsa during this period.
Arthur Erwin, Philip Erwin, Steve Erwin
Lora Howard Erwin, Kevin Erwin, and Peppy.
Lora Howard Erwin, Patricia Erwin, and Nancy Lou Erwin

Philip Wayne Erwin  (September 25, 1966 -  )
            Mary Eleanor Ricard (October 18, 1962 - ) Married on April 27, 2002 in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Lora Lee Howard (November 3, 1943 -  ) - married Arthur Erwin on March 26, 1962 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Her Children:
Steve Allen Erwin (1960)
Kevin Dean Erwin (1963)
Philip Wayne Erwin (September 25, 1966 -  )

The Arthur Erwin family began in Tulsa,Oklahoma on the west side.  After a time in the army, Arthur took the family of four to Modesto, California.  After adding me to the litter in 1966, we moved on to Midland, Texas and by 1971 had found our way back to Tulsa where we stayed put - at home.  Tulsa:  always will be 'home'.

Arthur Wendell Erwin (January 10, 1941 - August 24, 1994)

L to R: (back row) George, Jr., Arthur, George A. Erwin, Jack, Willis
(front row) Alfred and Lawrence - Easter, 1942
Nancy Lou Street (August 18,1906 - d. April 2,1970 in Stillwater, OK) - married George Erwin on March 27, 1932 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Her Children:
Lawrence Hardy Erwin (1933 - )
Alfred Warren Erwin (1934 - )
Arthur Wendell Erwin (1941-1994)
Patricia Sue Erwin (1949 - )   

    Maud Josephine Wells (b. November 2,1887 - d. 1974 in Joplin, MO) - married George Erwin on November 11, 1908 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Her Children:
Miriam Mae Erwin (1910-1922)
Bertha Elaine Erwin (1912-1914)
Willis Erwin (1914-1983)
George Alfred Erwin, Jr. (1918)
Jack Charles Erwin (1921-1988)
Jerry Clarence Erwin (1921-1941)
Ruth Erwin (1923 - )

George Alfred Erwin  (August 4, 1885 - March 24, 1954)

Ada Elnora Phillips
  (May 2, 1857 - July 4, 1919) Ada was born in Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois. She married Robert Erwin on December 25, 1873 in Tecumseh, Nebraska at age 16. She died in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the age of 69.
Her Children:
Mary Evangeline 'Angie' Erwin (1875-1973) - upper left in photo
Minnie Clara Erwin (1877-1926) - middle row on far left
Robert P Erwin (1880 - 1943) - back row, center
Pawhuska, OK 
Harriet Erwin (1883 - 1960) -back row to far right
Kerr, TX
Martha Jane 'Jennie' Erwin (1883) - middle row, far right
George A Erwin (1885 - 1954) - center row, standing - Tulsa, OK
Arthur Charles Erwin (1887) - far left, seated
Harry Peter Erwin (1889-1964) - center front, seated-  S.A.R. membership 78915 (application of Elihu Phillips, Albany Co. NY State Militia)
Perry Douglas Erwin (1893-1964) - front row, right, seated
Henryetta, OK

Robert Montgomery Erwin  (November 21, 1847 - September 11, 1936)
Robert was born in Ashland, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. After traveling to the west in the years following the war, he returned to Tecumseh and married Ada at the age of 26. He died in Corpus Christi, Texas at the age of 88.        

See the next chapter, Two Families In Tecumseh. It is here at Spring Creek, we cover the period just after the Civil War in 1865 to the migration to Oklahoma in 1903.  

Follow the holly leaves.

Arthur W Erwin

George and Arthur
Lawrence Hardy Erwin (2012)

Nancy Lou Street

George, Nancy, Lawrence and Alfred
George A Erwin, Sgt.
Tulsa Police

Maud Josephine Wells

Miriam Mae Erwin (1909-1922)

Ruth Erwin and Jack Erwin
George and Jack Erwin

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