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Cousins:  It is a great privilege to compile the information of these families here on this site.  If you have information, photos, documents, or simple memories to share, you can forward to me directly via my e-mail. Please inform me if you wish to keep any information private and off of this website. 

UPDATE JANUARY 28, 2012 on, Rootsweb, and Genes Reunited.  I now have 1,992 people listed in the combined trees of the four families as well as the now included families of Mary Ricard (Erwin).  A new page has been set up for the Ricard/Garza connections.
  • Currently, I'm working on a few main topics and I welcome any cousins and researchers who may like to share information.  I need some information on Fannie Mae Whitten (Crow) and her two sisters, Emma and Rosia. They were born in Oklahoma (or Indian Territory) from 1888 to 1895.  Their mother Maggie was apparently married with the three surviving children when she married George Baker about 1896.  In 1900, they were living in Lincoln County but Maggie was listed as head of household. George and Maggie had a few more children.   Fannie married William Noah Crow in 1903 and moved to Adair County.  Please feel free to contact me via email if you feel you have any information that may be of assistance.
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Philip Wayne Erwin
Grand Prairie, Texas
Employed: Chief Arborist, City of Dallas - October, 1998 - present
Graduated: Stephen F Austin State University, College of Forestry (BSF) - December, 1995

Born September 25, 1966 in Modesto, California

    Mary Eleanor Ricard (b. October 18, 1962) 
    Married April 27, 2002
    Father - Arthur Wendell Erwin (1/10/1941 - 8/19/1994)
        Son of George Alfred Erwin and Nancy Lou Street
    Mother - Lora Lee Howard  (living)
        Daughter of Monroe Madison Howard and Anna Mae Crow
            m. Jack Johnson, Tulsa, OK

Steve Allen Erwin 
Hurst, TX
    m. Brenda Mason
    c. Nora Paige Erwin
    c. Daniel Reid Erwin
Kevin Dean Erwin -
Tulsa, OK
    m. Robin Brigance
    c. Brittney Erwin
    c. Dustin Erwin


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Left to right: Nancy Street Erwin, Arthur Wendell Erwin, Lora Howard Erwin, Anna Mae Crow Howard, Monroe Madison Howard.

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Erwin/Street - Howard/Crow of Oklahoma

1000 Memories (photo sharing)

Their Yesterdays by Harold Bell Wright


This site provides a gathering place for all information regarding my family history through the four lines of my grandparents Erwin, Street (father), Howard and Crow (mother).  Through these names, you can also find information related to all other families tied together in this marriage of families.  In some cases, we travel across the sea back to the original home lands in Europe.  The family is primarily of Scots-Irish descent, but there are also German and French influences. Furthermore, I provide linkages to research sites that were very helpful in leading me on this journey through time and reaching out to the roots of my family.  I'm very thankful for the tremendous amounts of work done by all who have taken a part.  These are people I don't know, and yet we are richly connected by a shared experience of finding our common American heritage.  There is always work to be done and history to be uncovered. Our story is incomplete but I'll be updating as I go along.

I also would like to give a special thanks to my uncle Lawrence Erwin for the vast amount of research he conducted over the years that anchored my own look into my family history.  I have been enriched by this journey to visit my family and hope you will find some inspired moments from it.

Flourishing Both In Sunshine And In Shade

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