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Philip J. Erickson, Ph.D.

Millstone Hill incoherent scatter radar antennas.Millstone Hill radar coverage

Assistant Director
Westford, MA 01886 

Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lead Principal Investigator, Millstone Hill Geospace Facility


B.S., Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, 1987
Ph.D., Space Plasma Physics, Cornell University, 1998 [Advisors: D. T. Farley, M. C. Kelley, W. E. Swartz, P. Gierasch]

Research Interests:
  • Ionosphere-plasmasphere-magnetosphere-thermosphere coupling
  • Geospace system science and analysis
  • Radio wave based remote sensing of the ionosphere and thermosphere
  • Large aperture high power ionospheric radar techniques
  • Radiation belt acceleration, loss, and dynamics
  • Software architectures for large scale radio wave based remote sensing
  • Small satellite platforms for geospace and heliophysics research
  • Education and public outreach
  • Innovative methods for enhancing K-12 and undergraduate science curricula
  • Telescience methods for remote data distribution and interpretation
  • International scientific collaborations and research facility support

ResearchID:  N-6853-2018


Erickson, P. J., Observations of light ions in the midlatitude and equatorial topside ionosphere, Cornell University, 1998.  [Please contact me directly if access to this PDF does not work.]

Contact information:

Email: pje at haystack dot mit dot edu
Voice: +1 781 981 5769
Fax: +1 781 981 5766