My Trading Style

 I swing trade and daytrade US equities and options, and also stocks on the TSX.  I also tend to have an affinity for junior mining microcaps on the TSX Venture as well.  I rely 80% on technical analysis, 15% on news, and 5% on fundamental analysis  for my buy and sell decisions.

My style is to look for low risk risk setups.  I incorporate trading intuition among other analytical and technical factors when looking at the tape in order to assess the probability that a stock will make a certain %move in a certain amount of time.   The probability of a move happening within a given time frame is an important consideration for me.  The latest manifestation of this approach is to enter trades based on the high-probability chart patterns.   This includes breakouts, base and breaks, pullbacks and dummy setups when I can find them. I have incorporated elements of the Phantom of the Pits and Dave Landry's approaches into my own trading style.   In an ideal world, I want to jump into a stock at the beginning of its multi-month run-up, and exit my position precisely when the stock has finished its multi-month run-up.

In order to reduce risk, I never hold through earnings , so my absolute maximum timeframe for holding a stock is 3 months.  Most of the stocks that I trade are usually held 0 - 5 days.