Between Creation and Destruction - Press Kit

Between Creation and Destruction.

'A Personal Buddhist Perspective on Birth and Death by Phil Becque'

This documentary describes a particular form of Buddhist life philosophy for the general public. Starting with a personal statement by the director, the introduction that follows, charts the rise of human beings from the big bang to the present day. The film then goes on to explore the central premise that by taking action, we all live between creation and destruction from moment to moment. But what exactly goes into making a moment?

To understand this from a Buddhist persective, we need to look at a revolutionary life philosophy, first expounded by the founder of Buddhism, Siddharta Guatama, in the Lotus Sutra approximately 3,500 years ago. This is know in Japanese as Ichinen Sanzen; or three thousand worlds in a life moment.

This is a subtle and complex world view that describes the human condition in terms of time and space. Key concepts such as simultaneous Cause and Effect, The Ten Worlds, Karma, Birth and Death, The Human Revolution, Enlightenment & The Eternity of Life are discussed as well as presented in a visual way.

The relevance of this world view, to modern day problems, are explored in the Realms of the Self, Society and the Land. The film finishes with images set to music.


"Realization in Yosemite National Park "
I had been wanting to make a film about my Buddhist belief system but didn't really know where to start, although I did have a badly flawed script.

I was lucky enough to have to go on a business trip to California in March 2000. I took my then new camera with me as I knew I'd be there over a weekend. One of the marketing guys told me he had just come back from Yosemite and he urged me to go. He showed me a fabulous Ansel Adams photograph which just happened to be hanging on the wall outside.

I went up to Yosemite and when I got into the valley proper I rounded a corner and there was Bridal Veil Falls. I parked up and set off to get some moving water shots. I started with the stream and after a while moved up closer to the base of the falls, the sound was deafening. Quite a few people were on a viewing platform and getting a good soaking.

I decided to hang back a little and set the camera up in a low position with a circular polarizing filter. I framed up and panned right, little spots of water hit the filter which combined with sunlight looked like stars! This was my 'arty' Eternity of Life shot! That was it. I knew then I was going to finish my project. Though I didn't think it would take me another six years.


"Helpful Musicians"
Having been in the music biz for about 10 years I wanted the music to be a really strong suit of the project. So often it is overlooked in documentaries. I was really very fortunate to assemble a fabulous line up of talent. In particular Hugh Burns who came down for the day and added just the right material in all the tricky places.

As we have both been practising Buddhism for a while, I was able to refer to subtle concepts in the belief system safe in the knowledge that Hugh had a deep understanding of these. His phenomenal creativity and talent meant that we got exactly the right feel in some very abstract places. He was also very supportive of my creative efforts, always offering support and encouragement over the phone. His contribution to the project went way beyond the music which in truth is brilliant.

Another friend, Howard Jones had contributed a piece of piano music to one of my other projects and this fitted the latter part of the Ten Worlds perfectly. Then again I was very lucky to encounter 'Out on a Limb' through a mutual friend. The opening Big Bang sequence has a lovely rich feel - who'd have thought that saxophone and stars could compliment each other so well?

I can't say how proud I am that my son was able to create such a sympathetic theme for the project.

And to top it all there's even Jaco Pastorious and Stravinsky!