Dad as I Wanna Be

SON, sorry but - 


- yes, I have fathered 29 children (not 47!) from 16 women, from 4 different Ethnic Groups, and from 3 different countries!!!!   


Both Dennis and his first wife Anika, say in their books “there are two sides to every story” - but I disagree - “there are always three sides to every story - your side, my side, and the truth.”

Most people can’t deal with that!!!


Despite what Dennis says, I DID NOT LEAVE MY FAMILY.  I was serving in the U.S.A.F. and had to go where I was posted!  Shirley - Dennis' mother - refused to join me, and insisted on staying in the United States!


Later, after the divorce, and being in the United States Airforce, I had no choice but to continue to pay maintenance after the divorce, as it would have been deducted from my pay check!


The problem is although racial discrimination is dying, the phalacy that - in the break up of marriages - the woman is always considered as being in the right continues!


Anyway Dennis - “Leaves don’t fall very far from the tree that they fall from!!!"


Read my side of the story!


Philander Rodman, Jr.,

Dennis Rodman’s Dad.