2009 Annual meeting invitation

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Next Annual Meeting:      May 23 2009

    You are Invited to the Alliance's

48th Annual Meeting

Saturday May 23, 2009

2:00 PM

Jefferson University Alumni Hall,                         Room TBA

1020 Locust Street

(Several parking facilities are nearby)


   Speaker: Donna Larsen


The topic will be "green burials" 

Donna Larsen
is the Eastern Regional Outreach and Education Coordinator for the Green Burial Council. The GBC is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving land through the use of green burial and working to make burial more simple, environmentally sustainable and meaningful for families. According to a 2007 AARP survey, 21% of Americans over the age of 50 prefer a green burial over any other option. A Green Burial is a burial of an unembalmed body in a biodegradable casket without a burial vault or a grave liner. A conservation burial takes this idea a step further and also has the goal of preserving land and restoring the area with native species. A Green Funeral requires the same two elements as a green burial: no embalming and a biodegradable casket.  Today families have many choices and can design an end of life ritual that best fits their personal needs and desires. Some are choosing to have a home vigil service and more and more funeral homes are willing to assist families in making these choices.  Families that have chosen hospice care find that a home funeral is a natural progression to their choice of caring for their loved one.
Donna is also a home funeral guide and is helping to start A Natural Undertaking, a Pennsylvania nonprofit informational resource center dedicated to helping families care for their loved ones at home after death and educating people in green burial options. People are choosing green end of life care for a variety of reasons. Some people are looking for a more economical choice, others want to honor simplicity and appreciate a more hands on relationship with death that green burial can offer. As an environmentalist, Donna is pleased to be working for organizations that are focusing on caring for the planet along with caring for each other.

This meeting is open to the public. Bring a friend with you. Refreshments will be served.