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Did you know you can make a bequest to the Funeral Consumer's Alliance of Greater Philadelphia at no cost to your estate? When you pass away, all property in your estate, except property left to your spouse, a charitable or governmental institution, is subject to Pennsylvania Inheritance tax. The rate is between 4.5 and 15%.

Personal property that will ultimately be disposed of by your beneficiaries, may still be taxed to them. They may not itemize on their personal tax return, and not be able to receive any personal tax advantage. Why not bequest some of that personal property of no use to your beneficiaries to the FCA. We will make arrangements for its use or sale. Of course, you may also make a bequest of a sum of money to carry on the mission of the Funeral Consumer's Alliance of Greater Philadelphia.

Sample Bequest Language

"I bequeath ($1,000., my artwork or any other item) to the Funeral Consumer's Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, or its successor in interest, to be used in such manner as the Board of Directors shall, in its sole discretion, determine.  If Funeral Consumer's Alliance of Greater Philadelphia.  does not exist at the time of my death, this bequest shall lapse and become a part of the residuary of my estate.