Welcome Page 

Funeral Consumer Alliance of Greater Philadelphia
1906 Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia PA 19103
(215) 545-9210

We are one of 110 affiliates of a national Funeral Consumers Alliance. Our national may be found at www.funerals.org.  We are a volunteer non profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

Our mission is: 

To educate the public about options and prices for funeral services, prior to the need for funeral services.  Some of our members prefer traditional funerals, other members prefer cremation or home funerals. Some of our members prefer a full service funeral, and others wish to purchase implements from independent retailers. Our goal is to allow our members to make intelligent choices, to guide their loved ones prior to the funeral.
Consumer advocates for purchasers of funeral services. Due to the efforts of FCA and other similar organizations, Congress passed the "Funeral Rule" which regulates contracts between consumers and funeral homes. We monitor legislation in Pennsylvania pertaining to funeral services and funeral homes, particularly legislation which would limit "home funerals," legislation which would affect sales of "pre need" funeral services contracts or insurance.  Our national organization has joined in class action litigation alleging price fixing in caskets by one or more large casket makers.

We maintain a list of funeral homes who offer special packages to our members, who are willing to allow members of our board to inspect their premises, and who are willing accept our members feedback about their experience with that funeral home.

We are interested in ecological issues surrounding funerals. Embalming fluid is a toxic substance and since no casket is sealed forever, eventually enters the soil. Many of our members are interested in promoting "green burials" or cremation.  Some of our members feel that burial grounds have, because of the sale of permanent fixtures and implements, become environmental concerns.