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Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Philadelphia

1906 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia , Pa 19103

Please feel free to contact us at: (215)-545-9210

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Volunteer with The Greater Philadelphia Funeral Consumers' Alliance:

Greater Philadelphia Funeral Consumers' Alliance was founded by volunteers in the 1960's. Since that time, volunteers have been the backbone of the organization, supported by paid staff and consultants as needed. Greater Philadelphia Funeral Consumers' Alliance board members have always served as volunteers. In addition, members have helped publicize the organization by giving talks to community groups and telling their friends about the organization.

 Plans are underway to expand the following volunteer opportunities:

    * Monitoring Pennsylvania legislation (we will show you how to use the Internet to do this), and reporting this information to all four FCA affiliates in Pennsylvania.
    * Writing an article for our annual newsletter.
    * Helping with annual meeting arrangements (we are planning meetings in suburban locations in the future).
     *Collecting Funeral Price lists for our next price survey (an opportunity to plan in advance, and to get to know a local funeral director if that is your choice).
    * Recruiting and training members to serve as speakers, at fairs and in other outreach efforts.
     * Speaking to one or more of your elected representatives about the Greater Philadelphia Funeral Consumers Alliance.

We can only expand the volunteer program as we develop the leadership needed to guide it, so this will be a long-term effort.

If you want to help, send a letter or an e-mail describing your background and interest and we will contact you when an appropriate opportunity comes along. Thank you for your support and participation in our consumer effort!