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Philadelphia, also known as the City of Brotherly Love, is starting to show signs of recovery from the weak economy, with new businesses springing up and existing businesses slowly starting to expand. Philadelphia video production has seen a rapid increase across virtually every type of business, due largely to the increasing number of businesses taking footholds on the internet. This has manifested largely in the form of viral marketing, but also has uses in video for business websites as well. Here, we’ll briefly go over the basics of how to take advantage of video marketing for your business, both on your website and across the entire web.


Philadelphia video production is essentially split into two categories, each of which benefits local Philadelphia businesses in a different way: viral video marketing and on-site video production. Viral marketing is the practice of creating videos in order to disseminate them on the internet, thereby allowing users to continue spreading them. These videos are typically designed to be funny, intriguing, or otherwise entertaining, and take advantage of the speed with which data is spread around on the internet. By creating a video and allowing users to access it on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as on media sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, businesses can create a self-perpetuating advertising campaign that, once established, allow

s them to advertise at no cost.


On-site Philadelphia video production refers to sites creating videos not for the purpose of spreading across the internet, but for potential customers to access on the business site itself. These videos are typically designed to introduce users to the business, providing basic information about the goods and services provided, why users would want to take advantage of these goods and services, and so on. This type of advertising is useful not only for companies that conduct business primarily over the internet, but for local Philadelphia businesses as well, whereas many local Philadelphia businesses would not benefit greatly from a viral marketing campaign.


Businesses in Philadelphia are relying more and more heavily on the internet to make their businesses thrive. Any business that has a 

corresponding website will want to create a way to draw more customers and increase web traffic, and Philadelphia video production provides a tool to do both. By hosting informative videos on your business site, you will not only increase the number of users that visit your site, but also the percentage of those users who eventually become customers, boosting both web traffic and sale conversion rates.

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