Video SEO

Video SEO is an important skill to develop if you are serious about video marketing. Why? Sure we can pay to get views on our videos through ads, but isn't it infinitely more powerful when our viewers find us when they are searching for the solution to their problem? The same holds true for any content that we publish. We want our personas to find them naturally.

What do you trust more?... a result suggested by a search engine when you  type in your query? or an advertisement you saw?

Video SEO works best when the content we are trying to promote resonates with our intended audience. If it doesn't, your rise to the top will be very short lived. This is especially true if you are in a competitive niche. Besides with a tool as powerful as video, you don't want to waste it by skimping out on the production value of your video.

So if you have videos but they aren't getting as many views as you know they can, maybe it's time to take a look at what Video SEO can do for you.  Simple reach out to us by calling (215) 642-2499. 

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