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Fatman & his sidekick Slobbin at the 2012 Fall Fling costume party

Where's Waldo? Why, at the 2012 Fall Fling 
costume party, that's where!

 A mummified Billy Eible helped the kiddies enjoy 
the Ems 2012 post-parade family party

Ems President Harry Marnie on the Parkway for the 
2012 Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Rear of the Philadelphia Emerald Society marchers follwed by a 
PPD wagon on the Parkway during the 2012 parade

Philadelphia Emerald Society President Harry Marnie (left) joins Philadelphia Lodge #5 FOP President John McNesby (right) on the Ben Franklin Parkway for the 2010 St. Patrick's Day Parade

Our house DJ, Jim Mulholland, dressed in his 'Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville' theme costume, dances it up with a Michael Jackson-masked Jamie Meehan at the 2009 Fall Fling
Tammy McBride and Katie McBride may be enjoying too good a time at the '09 Fall Fling in Wildwood Crest, NJ
Led by their banner and leprechaun mascot, the Philadelphia Emerald Society steps off from 16th & JFK to begin marching in the 2009 Philadelphia St. Patrick's Parade

The bartenders keep things flowing at both the 2007 Beef-N-Beer and during the post-parade festivities at the FOP hall. 
 Jimmy 'The Sheriff' Stewart and wife Pat enjoy the 2007 post-parade party

Ems South - Florida chapter of Philly Ems gets together: Jack Lyons, Matt Veasey, Tom Lyons

The Ems two most recent Presidents: Harry Marnie & Matt Veasey set for another St. Pat's Parade together, circa late-80's

Mid-late 1980's era Philadelphia Emerald Society officers

Ems Society hoops team set to take court in mid-80's

Philadelphia Emerald Society President Matt Veasey
             is set for the 1984 Saint Pat's Parade
Fred & Wilma Flinstone make an appearance at the 
2012 Fall Fling 'Halloween Costume Party"

There was a giant chicken at the 2012 Fall Fling 'Halloween' costume party, and he was a real clucker

Supergirl and Superboy made an appearance together 
at the 2012 Fall Fling costume bash

Brian McBride points his mummy bride Kate out to the kids 
as she good-naturedly helps out with the "limbo stick"

Ems Sgt-at-Arms Tom Peters (granddaughter Brianna), webmaster 
Matt Veasey, Board Member Jim Balmer pre-parade 2012

Kids of the Banner Brigade at the front of the Philadelphia Emerald Society marching group in the 2012 Saint Patrick's Parade

Matt Maguire and Jimmy 'Sheriff' Stewart won't let a little rain spoil their good times at the 2010 Philadelphia Saint Patrick's Day Parade
Sean Meehan, Brian McBride and Joe Mullin enjoy some tailgate gaming on Friday afternoon at the start of the 2009 Fall Fling
Diana Veasey, Jamie Meehan, Kate McBride and Jo Mullin were partying with the rest of the great turnout for the 2009 Friday night Ems pre-parade bash
Always a crowd-pleaser, the Emerald Society Pipes & Drums march ahead of the membership contingent in the 2009 St. Patrick's Parade in Philadelphia, PA
DJ Jim Mulholland, the Pied Piper of the Emerald Society, leads his little charges in games at the post-parade family party
The 2007 Philadelphia Emerald Society post-Parade  family party, always a crowd-pleaser

St. Patrick's Day Parade - circa late 1980's

Emerald Society officers - 1982

Ems President Matt Veasey on the street for the 
Philly Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Ems President Matt Veasey with Mr & Mrs Bill Meehan

Thom Hoban is lit at the 2012 Fall Fling

The 2012 Fall Fling costume party attracted all kinds of nuts, including these two peanuts

FOP Lodge 5 President John McNesby spotted hanging 
with a couple witches at the 2012 Fall Fling

The Emerald Society post-parade family party at the 
FOP Lodge #5 Hall is always a big hit with the kids

Ems VP Brian McBride (right) with dad, Board Member Joe McBride (left) and VP Jim Hanratty (center) at 2012 Philly St. Patrick's Parade

Sergeant-at-Arms Steve Paul and wife Ann enjoy the 
2012 Philadelphia Emerald Society party

Elysia Bellina, granddaughter of Ems webmaster Matt Veasey and great-granddaughter of Past-President Matthew Veasey shows off her Emerald Society regalia at the always popular family post-Parade party in March 2010
Monica McDowell makes it under the limbo stick at the 2009 Fall Fling. How low can they go?
Mike Veasey and Sean Meehan enjoyed a great time at the 2009 Emerald Society Pre-Parade party

"The Naked Cowboy" (Marty Walsh) appears with a cow at the 2008 Fall Fling

Ems board members Jim Hanratty and Thom Hoban, enjoy the "First Tap" of the 24-hour kegs at the 2005 Fall Flling in Wildwood Crest NJ outside the old Hialeah Hotel 

Ems Presidents Past & Present:
(L-R: Jim Lennox, Bernie Quigley, Harry Marnie & Matt Veasey) at the 2003 Annual Banquet at Kings Caterers in Bristol, Pa

Al Kuchler, Ems President Harry Marnie, Past-President       Matt Veasey at the 2003 Emerald Society Banquiet

1985 Philadelphia Emerald Society Banquet

Matt Veasey & Jim McCallion help the "banner brigade"
get ready to march in front of the reviewing stand