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Welcome to the wiki for Pine Hills Improvement Group (PHIG) subcommittee of the Pine Hills Neighborhood Association.  While the primary focus of our efforts is the area bordered by Washington, Main, Myrtle and N/S Lake, we are also concerned about the impact on nearby areas as well.  We welcome all stakeholders involved in the neighborhood in some way to join us in this endeavor.

PHIG typically meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30pm in one of the community rooms at Pine Hills Library on Western Ave near the APD's Central Station.

This site is a space for PHIG participants and Google Group members to share info and especially files. Here you will find background materials on how PHIG got started, meeting notes and materials, project materials, and key links.  More can be added as needed.

We are also continuing to accept concerns, insights, and ideas from all stakeholders in this area of Pine Hills.  If you have thoughts to share that you don't see in our draft ideas and planning charts, please contact Carolyn Keefe at  Also, we are willing to come to your group to gather information as well.