PhICLE: Physics In-Class Learning Experiences

This site contains the most recent versions of the in-class assignments that I have created to replace the lecture in my university courses. After a few terms of "teaching as I'd been taught," I was given the opportunity and encouragement to overturn the structure of my classroom and replace the traditional lecture with teacher-facilitated in-class learning experiences incorporating extensive use of peer-instruction, individual responsibility, online resources and simple activities with readily-available and affordable materials.
The site presently organizes the in-class activities (ICW's) by course.  By topic organization is also planned.  Most of these materials are on the first draft.  Some have been used twice but for courses at different levels of mathematical rigor (so errors are still being corrected).
These activities may be used with permission.  Simply send me an e-mail at debra dot krause at gmail dot com. I welcome feedback and opportunities to collaborate with other educators, particularly those interested in physics education research (PER).

Best, Debra Krause Dandaneau (Dr.D.)