RSVP and Come Early for the "Tour de PHHS"

posted May 30, 2012, 5:14 PM by Jim Reeber
Wanna see your old stomping grounds up close? PHHS Faculty member Mr. Douglas (whom I believe we now can officially call "Fred Douglas" - since we're all adults now) has volunteered to head up a tour of our old Alma Mater!

RSVP NOW by sending an email to Eileen "Byrnes" Stock at

TIME: Saturday, June 2nd at 3PM
WHERE TO MEET: The front steps of PHHS
WHO'LL BE THERE: You and a bunch of old friends with no name tags. Bring your yearbook as a reference.
YOUR HOST: Fred Douglas, aka "Mister Douglas"

Why go on the tour?
  • Because you won't believe how small your old locker is
  • Because you need a picture of that pencil that you stuck in the cafeteria's ceiling!
  • Because all cigarettes taste better in the smoking lounge (...and boy, are you in for a surprise!)
See you there!!