Faculty of Earth Science
Nicolaus Copernicus University
Lwowska st 1
87-100 Toruń
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Research projects

Projects supported by Polish Ministry of Science
and High Education:

  • NCN Nr DEC-2012/07/B/ST10/04080 "What factors: techno- or geogenic can cause magnetic and geochemical anomalies in sediments in the Vistula River estuary (Baltic Sea)? (investigator; 2013-2016).
  • N N305231135 – Influence of environmental conditions on spatial and temporal differentiation of salt marshes in the gradient of Baltic salinity (principal investigator; 2008-2011).
  • N N306 282935 – Late-Vistulian and Holocene basin sediments as a record of palaeogeographic changes in selected examples from the young-glacial area of North-Central Poland (investigator; 2008-2011).
  • 3 P04G 04225 – Multiaspect studies of salt-affected soils in Poland with special regard to their rational use and protection (principal investigator; 2003-2005).
Projects supported by Nicolaus Copernicus University (as a principal investigator):
  • State and properties of organic matter at different stages of the salt marsh soil development (2010).
  • Adaptation of international laboratory methods to study of salt-affected soils in Cuiavia-Pomeranian region (2002).
  • Types of soil salinity in Cuiavia-Pomeranian region (2000).

Other projects

Educational projects
Conferences (as organizer)

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