4. avoiding faulty parallelism; words of urgency

VI. Advanced Academic Writing: Research Paper, Thesis & Dissertation
H. (relevant:) Oral Defense and Academic Presentation
(Notes by Huifang Peng)
# What is faulty parallelism?
A sentence that does not strictly follow the rules of parallelism.

# How to avoid faulty parallelism?
Making sure that a sentence with coordinating or correlative conjunctions has good parallel structure. 

# (relevant:) common confusion: 
When we use a verb of urgency or an adjective of urgency in the main clause of a complex sentence with a noun clause, the verb in the noun clause should be in its simple/base form. 
a. verbs of urgency: such as urge, demand, advise, ask, desire, insist, recommend, suggest, and request
Examples: (from Writing to Communicate 3, 133)
--I strongly urge that everyone be careful when choosing a sleeping aid.
--The government demanded that the company test the pill before selling it.  
b. adjectives of urgency: such as essential, vital, best, desirable, imperative, important, and urgent
Examples: (from Writing to Communicate 3, 133)
--It is essential that a doctor prescribe the pills only for a short period of time.
--It was vital that user understand the risks.

# Required grammatical ability:
* basic knowledge on parts of speech and subject-verb agreement
* knowing what coordinating conjunctionssubordinating conjunctions, and correlative conjunctions are and how to use them correctly 

Boardman, Cynthia A. Writing to Communicate 3: Essays and the Short Research Paper. NY: Pearson Education, Inc., 2009. 131-33.