2. academic and formal public presentation

VI. Advanced Academic Writing: Research Paper, Thesis & Dissertation
H. (relevant:) Oral Defense and Academic Presentation
2. academic and formal public presentation
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How to open and close presentations?
source: Cambridge University Press ELT   2012-9-20
Go to www.cambridge.org/elt/dynamicpresentatio­ns to learn more about Mark Powell's course.

Effective Conference Presentations
source: tamuwritingcenter  2011-3-9
Resources: http://writingcenter.tamu.edu/files/2...

Overcoming Nerves When Giving a Presentation
source: headcoachdeb   2011-8-23
Deborah Grayson Riegel gives real life tips and techniques for working with nervousness while presenting.

"Successfully Speaking: How to Prepare an Effective Research Talk"
source: RWJFCenteratUNM   2012-9-17
Barrett Whitener, Senior Communication Manager with IQ Solutions in Washington, DC, presented at the 2012 Fall Orientation. 

How to Start a Speech
 Conor Neill    2012-3-11

Academic Presentations
source: Rab Paterson  2013-2-28
This is a presentation lecture I have to ICU's Start Up program students on how to make and deliver effective academic presentations.

Presenting & Public Speaking Tips - How to improve skills & confidence
source: VirtualStudio.TV     2011-5-19

32 tips on Public Speaking (by Ed Skurka)
source: Gary Parent    2008-7-31

Research Presentation
source: bmf126   2009-4-30
Research Presentation Truman State University May 1, 2009

How to Design an Effective Presentation  
source: gucndls  2009-6-4

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