1. oral defense

VI. Advanced Academic Writing: Research Paper, Thesis & Dissertation
H. (relevant:) Oral Defense and Academic Presentation
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The Perfect Defense: The Oral Defense of a Dissertation
Dr. Valerie Balester of Texas A&M University talks about how to prepare and what to expect when defending your dissertation.
source: AggieMedia  2010-10-26

Preparing for your Thesis Oral Examination
source: Massey University  2010-7-6

Strategies for Doctoral Dissertation Completion
source: alliantintluniv     2011-4-21
Alliant International University proudly presents Dr. Thu Tran's insightful presentation on dissertation completion strategies.

How to Defend your Dissertation (by Dr. Marche)
source: DalhousieFGS     2011-3-7 

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