(page 4: proofreading)

source: East Tennessee State University 2011-3-22
Proofreading Well: Tips for successful last minute proofreading
http://cfaalearning.etsu.edu 2012-7-13

Writing Capstone - Proofreading tips by Michael Abernethy
source: IUSoutheast  2009-7-20

Proofreading tutorial
source: English Language Centre  2012-7-15

Final Revising and Proofreading
source: ProfessorBernstein  2011-5-25

CGCC Writing Center Proofreading and Revising
source: chandlergilbertcc  2012-6-7

English Writing Workshop - Editing and Proofreading Skills
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Proofreading & Using Spell Check
source: Karen Hamilton     2013-2-12