3. opinion essays

Opinion Essays, Persuasive Essays, and Argumentative Essays are basically just different names for the same type of expository essays. 

Opinion Essay or Persuasive Essay

source: Smrt English    2012-11-15
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Develop and organize supporting ideas in opinion writing
source: LearnZillion  2012-10-23
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Opinion Essay (Argument-led Approach)
source: IELTSChannel   2011-09-05

How to write an opinion essay
source: Cawthra Park S. S. Library    2013-10-07

The Opinion Paper
source: Ralph Stevens     2013-02-12

How to write an opinion essay    
source: Francisco Miguel Garcia Barroso    2013-06-12

Writing a Short Opinion Essay
source: eumelosdrizzle     2011-12-20