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source: LearnZillion 2012-10-23
Organize ideas for argumentative essay by using a short plan
Download resources: http://learnzillion.com/lessons/1347
Develop and organize supporting ideas in argumentative writing--by using boxes and bullets
Download resources: http://learnzillion.com/lessons/1403
Draft body paragraphs for argumentative writing
Download resources: http://learnzillion.com/lessons/1373
Write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay--by combining your claim and supporting reasons
Download resources: http://learnzillion.com/lessons/1351
Write an introductory paragraph for an argumentative essay--telling your reader why this issue is important
Download resources: http://learnzillion.com/lessons/1379
Strengthen argumentative writing by identifying an opposing claim
Download resources: http://learnzillion.com/lessons/1439