B. Narrative Essays

(Notes by Huifang Peng)
# required knowledge: 1. Narrative Paragraphs 2. What is an essay?
1. important story elements: setting, theme, mood, characters, plot
2. typical organization and elements of a narrative essay (telling a story):
a. Introduction / The Introductory Paragraph:  
1) the hook: attracting the reader's attention and helping set the stage
2) background information: providing background information about the people, place, and time  
3) the thesis statement: In a narrative paragraph, the thesis usually does not tell the reader what happens. Rather, it prepares the reader for the action that follows. 
b. Body Paragraphs: 
1) describing what happened in the story
2) including details that bring the story to life 
3) often using chronological order to narrate and explain the event   
c. Conclusion / The Concluding Paragraph: 
1) describing the outcome of the event
2) A narrative paragraph often ends with a comment about the event's importance in the writer's life. The comment often delivers a moral lesson that the character learned, or make a prediction or a revelation about what will happen as a result of the event(s) in the story.  
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