2. brainstorming and free-writing

(including videos for non-academic purposes)
How to Brainstorm (an important process in pre-writing)
source: Dan Sussman  2013-09-10

The Writing Process: Brainstorm
source: OnDemandInstruction  2013-1-2
An introductory video on the writing process step 1: the brainstorm

Brainstorm a Thesis Topic and Write the Thesis Statement
source: HSLanguageArts  2013-12-2 

How to Brainstorm and Outline for an Essay
source: Nichole Carter  2012-9-25

Brainstorming Strategies for Student Writing       
source: Cardinal Stritch University College of Business and Management    2013-10-20

How To Pass the GED Writing Test: Essay Pre-writing (Brainstorming)
source: Plus Your Writing Education  2013-6-28

Brainstorming with the Credo Concept Map
source: aculibrary  2011-7-11

Brainstorming ideas for narrative writing--by making a list
source: LearnZillion  2012-10-19
Download resources: http://learnzillion.com/lessons/736

Brainstorm topics for an argumentative essay--by listing things that you care about, and that give you strong feelings
source: LearnZillion  2012-10-20
Download resources: http://learnzillion.com/lessons/1233

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