D. Body Paragraphs

body paragraphs (about 4 Elements of a good Paragraph)
source: DavidHunterTeacher     2012-02-15
4 Elements of a good Paragraph: (TTEB)
Transition / Topic Sentence / Evidence / Brief Wrap-up

The Evidence Sandwich for Constructing Effective Body Paragraphs
source: Doctor Bruce  2012-10-06

Build a Strong Body Paragraph
David Taylor  2010-02-14

body paragraph and five paragraph essay
source: AcademicEnglishToday  2012-12-19

A quick introduction to what a topic sentence is, and where it belongs in an essay.
source: Sam Tabbakh  2009-06-13

From Thesis Statement to Topic Sentence (for Body Paragraphs)
source: Sam Tabbakh  2010-08-28

How to Write a Body Paragraph
source: Catlin Tucker    2012-09-17

Body Paragraphs: Writing informative body paragraphs with research notes
source: Ray Palin  2011-12-01