IV. From Paragraph to (Short) Essay

Similar to a paragraph in its organization, an essay nevertheless includes more information and depth about a topic. It enables the writer to present each main point in an individual paragraph, containing more explanations, examples, and details.    

B. the organization and features of a short essay--
expanding from the three main parts of the paragraph structure: the topic sentence 
-> the introductory paragraph
supporting sentences -> body paragraphs; the concluding sentence -> the concluding paragraph
1. Introduction / The Introductory Paragraph--the introductory paragraph of an academic essay contains at least two part: background information and the thesis statement
a. a hook: Not all essays have hooks.
a) Usually appearing at the very beginning of the introductory paragraph, the hook serves to attract readers' attention to want to know more about your topic.   
b) A hook may be an anecdote, a question, or a surprising statement of fact. 
b. background information: sentences after the hook and before the thesis statement
a) Providing your readers interesting and only necessary background information about the topic. 
b) A common purpose of this part is to prepare readers with necessary background knowledge to better understand the importance and the bigger context of your topic.  
c. the thesis statement: Usually the last one or two sentences of the paragraph, the thesis statement shows the reader the topic and the controlling idea of the entire essay.
2. The Body / Body Paragraph(s)developing and supporting the viewpoint expressed in the thesis statement
a. An essay has at least one body paragraph. Used to develop the thesis statement of the introductory paragraph, each body paragraph usually begins with a topic sentence, followed by supporting details.
b. The topic sentences of body paragraphs often rephrase the controlling ideas in the thesis statement.
3. Conclusion / Concluding Paragraph
a. Like the concluding sentence(s) in a paragraph, the concluding paragraph in an essay usually restates the thesis statement or summarize  the main ideas in the body paragraphs.
b. Writers often devise a concluding strategy to end the essay effectively or interestingly.  
# practice focus:
a. able to identify topics and controlling ideas
b. able to identify thesis statements
c. able to identify the organization and parts of a body paragraph and a concluding paragraph
d. able to edit a paragraph
#. the characteristics of good writingcoherence, cohesion, and unity

C. Writing Process of an Essay

Effective Academic Writing 3 
Focus on Writing 4
Great Writing 4
Writing to Communication 2