C. Supporting Sentences

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(Notes by Huifang Peng)
1. In the body of a paragraph, the writer usually develops and supports the controlling idea in the topic sentence by giving further information and details. In order to achieve the effect of unity, the body sentences should remain focused and relevant to the main controlling idea, not containing information about other topics.  
2. In terms of organization, in a narrative paragraph, the writer usually describe a sequence of events in a chronological order; in a descriptive paragraph, one common way to support and develop the topic sentence is to organize the background information and descriptive details in the body sentences in a spatial order; as for an expository paragraph, to achieve the effect of coherence, body sentences with supporting ideas and details are often organized in a logical order. 
3. Furthermore, in especially expository paragraphs, there often appear two types of supporting sentences: major and minor supporting sentences, having minor supporting sentences tell the reader more about the major ones. Nevertheless, not all major supporting sentences need to have minor supporting sentences. 
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Supporting sentences

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What Is the Role of the Supporting Sentences
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