II. From Sentence to Paragraph

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(Notes by Huifang Peng)
1. Three main parts of a stand-alone paragraph
           a. the topic sentence    
           b. the body (supporting sentences)
           c. the concluding sentence
TS (topic sentence):
the topic + the controlling idea
Supporting sentences (The body):
SS1 (Major supporting sentence #1) 
ss1 (minor supporting sentence #1)
ss2 (minor supporting sentence #2)
SS2 (Major supporting sentence #2)
ss1 (minor supporting sentence #1)
ss2 (minor supporting sentence #2)
CS (concluding sentence): 
restatement or summary +
(optional) final thought, etc.

2. What does a paragraph look like? (How to format a paragraph?)
         a. leave one-inch margins on both the left and right side of the page
b. indent the first sentence 
c. double-space your paragraph    
         d. with a title   

1. analyzing the assignment
2. brainstorming
3. organizing your ideas
4. writing the first draft
5. rewriting the first draft
6. writing the next (or final) draft 

1. coherence
2. cohesion
3. unity 

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