H. Process Analysis Paragraphs

(Notes by Huifang Peng)
# required knowledgeWhat is a paragraph? 
# objective and features: A process analysis paragraph describes how to do something or how something works; hence, it often has the following features.
1. A process analysis paragraph explains a sequence or process by dividing it into separate steps. 
2. The steps are listed and and explained in chronological order.
3. Time words or phrases are often used to express every step. 
4. The whole process often ends with a specific result. 
writing steps: (suggestive only)
Step One: planning and prewriting
Step Two: writing the first draft
1. Topic Sentence
a. the topic: the action or movement that you are going to analyze into steps
b. the controlling idea: your ultimate opinion toward the whole process
2. Body/Supporting Sentences 
3. Concluding Sentence(s): there are many possible ways to end the paragraph
Step Three: revising your draft:
Step Four: editing
Great Writing 2: Unit 7 

Process Analysis Writing

source: Brian Seilstad   2012-08-28

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