F. Classification Paragraphs

# videos: below the brief notes
(Notes by Huifang Peng)
# required knowledgeWhat is a paragraph? 
# objective and features:
1. To separate ideas or things into specific categories.
2. Distinguishing or identifying characteristics of the ideas or things are often highlighted through specific examples and details.   
writing steps: (suggestive only)
Step One: planning and prewriting
Step Two: writing the first draft
1. Topic Sentence:
a. the topic: the ideas or things to be classified in your paragraph
b. the controlling idea: the categories that the ideas or things that are to be categorized into
2. Body/Supporting Sentences 
3. Concluding Sentence(s): there are many possible ways to end the paragraph
Step Three: revising your draft:
Step Four: editing
Great Writing 3: pp. 71-72  

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