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That, Which & relative clauses
source: English Lessons with Alex     2011年6月6日
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Relative Pronoun
source: skoolplusplus

Using Relative Clauses
source: Englishing         2017年12月22日

Articles and relative clauses (Some observations on how meaning changes with regards to 'a' and 'the' in a defining relative clause.)
source: MrSkypelessons       2017年12月6日

RELATIVE CLAUSES (also learn the difference between defining and non defining relative clauses, and relative pronouns)
source: Your English Web       2016年4月24日
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How to Use Relative Pronouns & Clauses in English?
source: Learn English with EnglishClass101.com            2018年3月24日
- Is it correct to say: "You stupid boy" (grammarly)?
- Could you please explain the difference between: 'Here I am/Here you are' and 'Here/There we/you go'?
- What's the different between 'strange, odd, weird, and bizarre'?
- What is the difference between maybe, perhaps and probably? When we can use eventually and gradually?
- How do we use the conjunctions (like which, that, what, who) in the middle of the sentence?
- What do "to nip in the bud" and "by fits and starts" mean?