e. adverbs of manner & degree

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Adverb Collocations
source: MrSkypelessons   2014-10-29
Highly - probably, (un)likely, successful, competitive, recommended, effective, controversial
Utterly/Absolutely - ridiculous, impossible, wrong, disgusting, devastating, pointless, appalled, worthless, senseless, hopeless
unbelievably / ridiculously / incredibly - cheap, expensive, big, small, long, short, early, late
bitterly - disappointed, resent, regret, complain, cry, weep
deeply - ashamed, concerned, moved, shocked, touched, affected, hurt, regret
strongly - oppose, influence, believe, deny, recommend, condemn, argue, object, support, suggest, correlate

heavily - armed, pregnant, subsidised, criticized
seriously - injured, damaged, hurt, wounded
strictly - speaking, true, regulated, limited
potentially - fatal, dangerous, hazardous, at fault, to blame
blatantly - untrue, unfair, dishonest, wrong, mistaken
astronomically - high / low, large, expensive, immense

Absurdly - low, high, easy, difficult
Widely - believed, spoken, used, distributed, known, renowned
Thoroughly - convinced, enjoyable, agree, satisfying
Fully - understand, comprehend, informed, automated, equipped
Totally and Completely - unaware, unprepared, unexpected, out of control, wrong
Patently - true, false, obvious, clear

Entirely different, separate, dependant
Wildly inaccurate, exaggerated, inappropriate, unrealistic
Downright wrong, dishonest, hostile, rude, disgrace, immoral
Mildly surprised, amused, irritated, offensive
loosely based, structured, connected, related
Vaguely familiar, aware, remember, worded, threatening

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Too or So?
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Difference between A lot, Very & So
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Adverb-Adjective Collocations in English
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Adverbs of Manner
source: Learn English with Let's Talk      2017年2月2日

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