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A. basic form, function, and usage
1.introduction (general/mixed)

# For present participle and past participle as adjectives, see I-E-2-a-1) past participle vs. present participle.  

(general / mixed)
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What are Adjectives
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What is an Adjective?
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ADVERBS--1) what is an adverb, 2) different types of adverbs with examples, 3) avoiding common mistakes with comparatives and superlatives, and 4) how to put adverbs in the correct position in a sentence.
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Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb
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Adjectives & Adverbs
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Turn Nouns & Verbs into Adjectives! 
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Adverb Suffixes: -ly, -wards, -wise
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3 ways to use adverbs
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Slow or Slowly? Understanding Adverbs of Manner
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