5) expressing possibility and degrees of certainty


Modal Verbs of Probability: Present and Future

source: Mark Roberts   2010-08-31

Modal Verbs of Probability: Past
source: Mark Roberts   2010-09-02

Using Possibility Modals (May Might and Could)
source: ESL4free   2011-11-26

Past Modals for Degrees of Certainty
source: calenglishschool   2012-07-15

Possibility or certainty
source: British Council | LearnEnglish   2011-08-03

Modal Verbs to Express Past Possibilities
source: JenniferESL   2010-08-18

Modal Verbs | Can - Could - May - Might
source: Anglo-Link    2012-10-24

talking about advice and possibility in the past with "should have" and "could have" + past participle
source: TheoESL 2011-10-22

Modals - "could" or "should"?
source: JamesESL English Lessons      2014年10月1日
quiz: http://www.engvid.com/learn-english-g...

Modals - may, might, could, etc. (how to express possibility, prohibition, ability, necessity)
source: JamesESL English Lessons       2011年8月3日

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