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a. introduction: gerunds (V+ing) and infinitives (to + V)
b. go + gerunds vs. go + infinitives
c. verbs + infinitives
d. verbs + gerunds
e. verbs that can be followed by both gerunds and infinitives
f. passive gerunds and infinitives
g. using adjectives with infinitives
1) It's + adjective + infinitive
2) too + adj. + infinitive vs. adj. + enough + infinitive
h. gerunds as nouns
1) possessive gerunds
2) preposition + gerunds
3) gerunds as subjects
i. infinitives as subjects
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Gerund and Infinitives
source: JenniferESL      2010-12-08

Participle versus gerund: A gerund functions as a noun, while a participle functions as an adjective. Secondly, there are a number of words which look like gerunds and participles though they are actually adverbial phrases.
source: MrSkypelessons      2017年6月1日

Is it TO or ING?
source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me      2017年6月4日

source: To Fluency      2017年10月25日
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Infinitive or -ing?
source: Speak English with Christina           2017年5月23日