f) “used to” + V (for past habits)

"I used to" & "I'm used to"
source: JamesESL English Lessons       2009年3月26日

used to
source: learnamericanenglish     2010-10-25

used to - Common Mistakes in English
source: JenniferESL     2009-10-08

Used to | To be used to | To get used to
source: learnexmumbai    2012-11-23

Used to | To be used to
source: Englishbox online English lesson per webcam    2011-03-03
MATERIAL: http://www.englischbox.com/english-gr...

"I used to", "I'm used to", and "get used to"
source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me   2011-06-10
Answers to the test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoLzml...

Used to do/ Be used to doing
source: Antonia Romaker - English and Russian online

used to + infinitive
source: Crown Academy of English     2014年12月15日

How to use 'USED TO' correctly
source: Learn English Lab      2016年8月17日

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