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Present Simple verb tense
source: Crown Academy of English     2013年8月22日

Present Simple Tense
source: Learn English Lab    2016年6月16日
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Present Simple Tense – Where to Use Simple Present: 1) habits and routines, 2) permanent situations, 3) facts, 4) states (with state verbs).
source: Learn English Lab    2017年4月2日

Present Simple Tense - Making Sentences (Form): 1) positive statements, 2) adding -s to verbs, 3) spelling rules for adding -s to verbs, 4) special case of the verb 'be'.
source: Learn English Lab    2017年5月02日

How to use present tenses 
source: BBC Learning English        2015年7月7日
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How to Use the Present Simple Verb Form in English 
source: Oxford Online English         2016年6月8日
See the full version: http://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/pr...

Present Continuous for Beginners and Elementary 
source: Practice English with Paul          2015年6月28日

Errors made using 'Simple Present Tense' 
source:Learn English with Let's Talk    2015-07-27
Quiz - http://www.learnex.in/errors-made-usi...