5. tenses

a. verb tenses (overview)
b. simple present & present progressive/continuous
1) simple present: basic rules and forms
a) affirmative, negative, questioning and answering forms
b) spelling for 3rd person singular verbs
i) regular
ii) irregular
c) "be" verbs
d) there + "be"
2) present simple vs. present progressive
3) (supplementary:) present participle vs. past participle
c. simple past & past progressive
1) simple past: basic rules and forms
a) affirmative, negative, questioning, and answering forms
b) spelling and pronunciation for regular verbs
c) irregular verbs
d) "be" / there + "be"
e) with time words/phrases/clauses
i) using past tense with yesterday, last, ago, etc.
ii) with time clauses
f) “used to” + V (for past habits)
g) simple past vs. present perfect
2) past progressive/continuous
a) past simple vs. past progressive/continuous
b) past progressive + "while" or "when" clauses
3) (supplementary) past participle
4) (supplementary) future in the past
d. simple future & future progressive
1) general introduction
2) simple future expressed in different forms and ways
a) "will," "be going to," and "be about to"
b) present progressive for future
c) simple present for future
d) with maybe, may, might, etc.
e) future in the past
3) simple future vs. future progressive
4) with time words/phrases/clauses
a) words/phrases to express (future) time
b) with time clauses
5) with if clauses (future vs. habitual present)
e. perfect & perfect progressive
1) (review of verb tenses)
2) present perfect & present perfect progressive
a) present perfect and past participle
b) present perfect + "since" or "for"
c) present perfect + just, already, yet, never
d) present perfect vs. present perfect progressive vs. simple past
3) past perfect & past perfect progressive
4) future perfect & future perfect progressive
5) relevant aspect: how to use have/has/had correctly