A. Verbs

(# brief explanatory notes below)

(Notes by Huifang Peng)
# What is a verb?
1. a word or phrase that indicates
a. an action or
b. a state of being
2. the essential part in the predicate of a sentence: Every complete sentence needs a verb.

# possible ways to classify verbs: 
1. based on their syntactical nature and function:
--the main types (that constitute the main verb part)
--other types and aspects:
2. based on tenses which vary according to person and the indication of time 
3. based on forms which may vary by person, tense, and the syntactical function in a sentence
a. base form
b. third person singular form
c. past form (regular and irregular)
d. participle form (present and past)
e. infinitive form and gerund form