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The most common mistakes in English.
source: MrSkypelessons  2014-7-27

Lesson 21
to be corrected:
1) He didn't want to be separated with me
2) How do you think?
3) Sherlock started searching the bomber
4) He came to a house where was a room with pictures
5) he will never take an oscar
6) I picked up him from the airport
7) They swam down the river in a boat
8) He had no idea, as his girlfriend
9) citizen war
10) Here are they!

Lesson 22
to be corrected:
1) I'm preparing to exams
2) I have a reply on this question
3) What for are they doing this?
4) He had a desire for becoming successful
5) I know them all, except of him
6) He can remind only a gigantic owl
7) They avoided go there for three weeks
8) The girl was much successful than her
9) He went on the party with Jen
10) He blamed Patrick of murder

Lesson 23
to be corrected:
1) Jen was saying a speech
2) They must have had impressed with you
3) I think my memory goes worse
4) She invited them into her cabinet
5) I was on my country house
6) She let them to stay with Douglas
7) They want to feel themselves bigger
8) He made the toilet in the bath
9) He shot himself to the leg
10) They have had the grass cutted

Lesson 24
to be corrected:
1) I do exercises and watch TV, and at last I read bookd
2) We thought about to buy a car
3) The same with / similar as
4) It was antlers on her head
5) They don't know something about each other
6) He'd divorced with his wife
7) He's a historic/politic
8) They stopped speak about this
9) He asked a cup of tea
10) He said that she died a few weeks earlier

Lesson 25
to be corrected:
1) Prices are growing
2) 1 million and a half
3) She never was at the gym
4) He'd earned 10 000 and he wanted them immediately
5) He found an envelope with a notice inside
6) He didn't say somebody about...
7) This comedy is really fun
8) They needed to decide this problem
9) At Sunday
10) It was going dark

Lesson 26
to be corrected:
1) I put up some decorations to make the Christmas mood
2) It's 15 minutes driving from here
3) Yesterday, I ended that book
4) The exchange course has been volatile
5) How are you? - I'm very fine
6) We tried two different variants of this game
7) She put her hands around me
8) I was sitting at house
9) She looks for the children on Saturday
10) I'm ill for 2 weeks

Lesson 27
to be corrected:
1) On my happy birthday I went bowling
2) No one of the passengers survived
3) He didn't know where is his time machine
4) He went to holiday
5) The square of the flat is 75m2
6) I didn't want something
7) When she birthed this girl
8) She started shouting on Moss
9) Do you hear that?
10) He listened her voice in the woods

Lesson 28
to be corrected:
1) I went to walk with my Mum
2) He had got nightmares
3) A safety place
4) He didn't want to stay her alone
5) The police is too violent
6) When I was a pupil I should wear a uniform
7) All people were enjoying their flight
8) Her experience contains working in other countries
9) He has to really good speak English
10) In a few years we can teach how to clone people

Lesson 29
to be corrected:
1) It will happen in two hundred and fifteen
2) The business partners of my husband
3) He would tell about
4) They decided to kick him off school
5) It's not developed fully
6) Take care about yourself
7) We need to fill some forms
8) He told her a password because she needed to see his emails
9) They try don't use it
10) She told him her parents have died in a fire