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The most common mistakes in English.
source: MrSkypelessons  2013-11-29

Lesson 11
to be corrected: 
1) Today we're going to write a test
2) He presented himself as Peter
3) He told me she wasn't home because she went to the shops
4) I did it by my own
5) I went to an excursion
6) I said about my promotion
7) The concert is free so you shouldn't pay
8) He was grown up in a good family
9) In the beginning of the war
10) He was accused of a crime which he didn't commit

Lesson 12
to be corrected:
1) She didn't like
2) I don't want
3) I hope they finish it until Christmas
4) The boy will be in 10 minutes
5) He went to home
6) He asked me what was he wearing
7) Lots of countries, as Germany and France, are taking part
8) Everybody doesn't like opera
9) They have another pronunciation
10) He arrived to the house

Lesson 13
to be corrected:
1) Maybe it costs watching 'TRwin Peaks'
2) I very like
3) We hadn't internet
4) What means 'deny'
5) I'll take my book
6) She spoke that she didn't want to go
7) She said them to get in the car
8) They got on the car
9) This year they sell all their stock
10) The weather has been changed

Lesson 14
to be corrected:
1) There was an exhibition last year. The curators were preparing for 5 years
2) When I stopped to smoke I couldn't sleep
3) She born a daughter
4) They didn't speak English good enough
5) I turned on it
6) In 1986 a new phase of the project has started
7) How it called?
8) Nobody of these sons didn't have children
9) And Chelsea started to win Liverpool
10) It was the greatest event of the last year

Lesson 15
to be corrected:
1) The news are good
2) When we have been living in Ireland
3) In the 2nd of December
4) The level of inflation has been raising for two months
5) They need to grow the employment rate
6) There have been many tries to regulate the market
7) I can't image what might happen next
8) In the year 20 zero 9
9) She started to feel a strong hurt
10) I'm not often going fishing

Lesson 16
to be corrected:
1) Sherlock then knew there was another victim
2) James tried to avoid the evidence
3) They wanted to do a new road
4) I like fantastic and science fiction films
5) When we were waiting him
6) I didn't know had they food or not
7) It happened with him yesterday
8) He was very angry on her
9) He threw the stones to the bottle
10) She wasn't used to drink wine

Lesson 17
to be corrected:
1) He realises where is Audrey
2) Volleyball is funny
3) I spent near 6 hours on the beach
4) All the hotels went down their prices
5) All the hotels grew their prices
6) The school territory is very large
7) The school stayed near my house
8) She ate some medicine
9) One more moment I'd like to discuss
10) REport

Lesson 18
to be corrected:
1) These people are other from us
2) Give me a pen
3) He regretted about it
4) When she got at work
5) The girl made the same job
6) I'm the owner of my house for three years
7) If they had known about it, they could run to the mountains
8) They are tired to pay a lot of taxes
9) I have to find money enough
10) I ate a lot of fruits

Lesson 19
to be corrected:
1) He didn't see who was it
2) He excused himself for being late
3) A man was riding a car
4) If he said the truth
5) Her parents didn't give her to go out
6) There was the increase in sales last year
7) He phoned to me and said
8) He gave many power to local leaders
9) She said that she knew the good restaurant
10) I met him at 15 to 4

Lesson 20
to be corrected:
1) The picture was written in the 20th century
2) During Sunday
3) The pair were holding hands and kissing
4) He offered to watch a film
5) He had long hairs
6) He should find out the killer
7) His Mother asked him to go home
8) I heard one interesting news
9) I don't know how does it work
10) He has the same age like me