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We at Phoenix Security are proud to have experienced locksmiths with us who have proved their usefulness by providing fast, efficient and reliable services. Reliability and trustworthiness are the qualities that we value the most and our locksmiths are fully screened prior to appointment. We use the latest technology and provide services 24/7. We can resolve any issue with your locks irrespective of the brand and if need be replace them. Please contact our St Neots office   01223 971343 to know more about our services.

  • In this industry, Phoenix Security understand the importance of dependability and always strive to please our customers in that respect. When we make a commitment to be at your home or business at a certain time, you can bank on the fact that Phoenix Security will be there and ready to do the job. If you call and leave us a message, you will get a timely response, that we can promise.

        • Services that we offer include:
  • Locksmiths for your home or work place
  • Door Entry Systems. Installed or Repaired 
  • 24 hour emergency locksmith
  • Burglar Alarm Systems

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