Hey, where did the bird go?! It was suggested to us that PHENIX is still in the "pile of ashes" stage.  OK, that's fair...  Watch for the bird - it will be back...

* Guild (definition per Google): "(1) An association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal, (2) A medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power."

PHENIX:  Public Health Epidemiology Network for Information Exchange

The PHENIX Guild is a group of surveillance experts in public health practice and academia exploring voluntary sharing of anonymous, summarized population health data to support ongoing and ad-hoc cross-jurisdicational awareness of health trends. The PHENIX Guild are the keepers of the PHENIX project, implementing access to contributed data based on an open source, open access system.

Jurisdictions that previously submitted data to the ISDS-Distribute project can continue to share the same data with one another through an open source software platform released through the University of Washington (www.gossamerhealth.org). Jurisdictions that did not contribute data to Distribute or are new to data sharing are also welcome to join.
Participating jurisdictions will be able to download aggregate cross-jurisdictional syndromic surveillance data in plain-text format to support their own analyses and visualizations. The data exports will include aggregate counts for the syndrome classifications that were previously available in Distribute (a narrow and broad ILI definition, a narrow and broad GI definition, and a standardized ILI definition), stratified by jurisdiction and age group. Users will be able to import the data into Excel, SAS, or any other analysis program and create their own visualizations. 
If you are interested in learning more about these plans, please contact Marc Paladini (mpaladin@health.nyc.gov), Atar Baer (atar.baer@kingcounty.gov), or Bill Lober (lober@uw.edu). We will update this site with frequently asked questions.