Computer Corner 


I've created this site to help out with computer problems, preferably the same ones that I've been through.


I once had a problem where I went to bed one night, and woke up to find that my computer did not turn on. So what I did was turned off my pc, took the cable out, opened my case, disconnected the cables and reconnected them making sure each one was firmly in place. I also took a paintbrush and gently sweeped away the dust. I then played around the with the cable from behind and the power switch and then eventually my computer ame to life. I found it both satisfying and also wierd for my computer to turn on after playing around with the cable and switch. But remember, clean your pc regularly, making sure all cables are firmly in place too.


Improve your PC speed:

  • Defrag! Go to My Computer, and right-click on your hard disk drive, go to Properties, and then on the Extras tab, and then click on the Defrag button. Defrag sorts out all your files.
  • Delete and remove unwanted or unneeded software. Probably the most obvious way of getting speed, is by making more space on your hard drive. Go Start --> Control Panel --> Add/Remove Software and then search through your programs and remove anything you know you don't want.

LINKS - Active forum site with answers to all your computer needs. But don't expect a quick answer straight away. Another forum site relating to computers, but a bit slow with answers and seems to be decreasing in activity. - Although they don't ship to Europe (yet!), I find it to be a great and cheap online store to buy computer components. Hell, once they start shipping to Europe, I'm buying all of my stuff from there.