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Seminar: Large-scale human impacts and the limited effectivenessof Marine Protected Areas

dr. Antonio Terlizzi

When: Monday, May 19th; 11:00
Where: Seminar Room I floor, Q building, via Giorgeri 5

The PhD course in "Environmental Life Sciences" is jointly offered by the Universities of Trieste and University of Udine. It covers a wide range of scientific issues related to environmental life researches ongoing at the two universities, whose main focuses are:

  • Ecology and ecophysiology of marine, fresh water, terrestrial and agricultural ecosystems;
  • Global change biology and management of natural and agricultural ecosystems;
  • Biodiversity informatics, genetics and conservation;
  • Ecotoxicology and bioremediation.

The possible field works for the PhD students span over a large array of ecosystems from the deep sea in Antarctica to high mountains passing through plains and rivers.

PhD students will find a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment that will promote both basic (e.g. marine protistan metagenomics, plant/environment interactions) and applied research(e.g. green technologies, ecological engineering and environmental biomonitoring).