Olloqui-Redondo, Javier

My name is Javier Olloqui-Redondo and I am currently doing my PhD in English Linguistics at the Department of English Language and Linguistics at Complutense University in Madrid. Before beginning this project, I completed an MA in Cognitive Linguistics at Bangor University (Distinction) after graduating in English Studies from Complutense University in Madrid.

 At the moment, I am working on my PhD dissertation, which focuses on how the phenomenon of alienable and inalienable possession affects the encoding of cultural elements in English and Spanish. Specifically, I am interested in the use (or absence) of possessive adjectives to express cultural notions and how both languages differ from each other. As an ultimate goal, it is my aim to analyse and discuss possible applications in a TSL environment.

 Apart from my main research, my interests span all areas of knowledge linking cognitive processes and culture with language. Namely, spatial cognition, metaphorical language and Discourse Analysis are some of the fields of special interest to me. Some of my recent research concerns syntactic analysis using a Cognitive Grammar approach, the location of objects employing different spatial reference frames and the use of metaphors to construct patriotism in political discourse, to name a few.

 I am currently collaborating in the organisation of the 6th United Kingdom Cognitive Linguistics Association Conference –which will take place in July 2016– as part of the Organising Committee. 

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