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Requirment for Graduation

          Students must be in accordance with Chiang Mai University’s Regulations for Graduate Studies of 2547 B.E., which are:
1) have taken all courses as required by the program and satisfied conditions established by the chosen field of specialization.
2) have earned accumulated grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 for all courses taken, and a GPA of not less than 3.0 for the chosen field of specialization
3) have taken and passed the foreign language examination that is specified by the CMU’s Graduate School
4) have taken and passed the qualifying examination
5) have taken and passed the comprehensive examination
6) have successfully defended the dissertation research
7) have met with all the requirements of being a student as specified according to the Regulations of Chiang Mai University’s (Code of Conduct) on Honor and Dignity of Students, 2512 BE.
8) PhD students must take part in a conference or symposium in the subject relevant to students’ areas of specialization at least once a year, or publish at least one paper in a national journal on findings of the research upon its completion, and publish at least one article, based on research findings, in an international journal or equivalent. And the journal has to be peer reviewed.
Remark : In the case where the student has professional or work experience related to some courses offered in the curriculum, the faculty will consider exempting the student from those courses, if the Chairperson Economics Graduate Program Administrative Committee deems it appropriate.